Hi, I'm Dana M. Booker the owner of Your Mobile Notary, a service oriented document signing agency.


I have owned the business since 2004.  I cater to clients who appreciate service in their home, business, or other meeting place to assist them with loan documentation.

I sign documents for the purchase or refinance of commercial or residential real estate property. 


I also notarize other documents at my client's request, i.e., trusts, affidavits, waiver & releases and more, which can include retrieving and delivering documents to specified locations. 





   ​                 Trust your instincts and hire me; I'll get it done!



I became a mobile notary to assist my Realtor husband's clients with loan documents. It was a way for us to do business together and for me to make a little money on the side. After several signings I realized how much I enjoyed being out of a traditional office, visiting individuals and businesses at their convenience to help notarize their loans. So, I got excited, built a website, designed some business cards, wrapped my car and began driving to any county in California.

I always get a kick out of how grateful people are that I came to them, saving them precious time. I love what I do, it fits my lifestyle and when I get a call, my husband says I go into "Your Mobile Notary" mode, which means,

I pretty much drop everything to say..."I'm On My Way!"











My entrepreneurial spirit led me to self-employment, but it was my enthusiasm to learn the facets of business that

earned my BS degree in Business Communications in 2010. Going back to school was a long tough road, but it was

worth it. 


I plan to expand my business by hiring independent contractors to perform notary duties in the Inland Empire

and eventually California as a whole. The ultimate plan is to franchise the business once it becomes apparent that Your Mobile Notary is viable and marketable across the country.


I am also a published author of three fiction novels, Family Secrets, More Secrets, Secret Sins, I'm working on the fourth,

Her Deadly Secret;. The novels demonstrate how Christians handle unforeseen circumstances through Biblical principles.


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Don't Ask Your Notary to Overstep Boundaries:


As you may know, notaries are not supposed to offer legal advice to their clients, believe it or not, simply explaining documents to signers or advising them on which type of notarial act they require is crossing the line. Your notary's job is to verify that you are who you say you are with proper identification and to notarize the documents you have asked them to.


If you have questions or need advice about what type of notary you should get, or about your loan documents, you should contact the agency from which the documents originated, or the court or office where they are intended to go.